Pastor Jeony Ordoñez grew up in Tegucigalpa with a long history of missionary outreach to children at risk in Honduras. He quickly rose to leadership in his home church, Amor y Vida and provided direction for its mission program. He helped co-found the Manuelito project for street children. After his time there, he began working with the Micah Project, an American-led organization which develops street children into servant-leaders of their society. It was during his time at Micah Project that he visited the garbage dump with his daughter and began the ministry of AFE. In 2005, AFE became its own organization and the Ordoñez family moved to a community near the garbage dump to live closer to the people to whom they were ministering. Under the mentorship and direction of his pastor, Jeony planted a church in that community to serve the families there and those of the dump.

Jesy Romero has been involved with AFE from the beginning. Before AFE, she worked as an administrator in the department of natural resources for the government. She now serves as AFE's principal, managing curriculum, finances, and operations of the school.

Pastor Jeony and Jesy have four children: Brian, Vanessa, Daniela, and Chris, who are each inspired by their parents’ example of Christ-like service.