This year on the 12th August Jimmy, one of our 11th grade students, is walking 100km (62 miles) in just one day! He will be walking alongside Steve Poulson, who works with Street Kids Direct in Honduras, and with us in AFE. They will be walking a return trip from Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, to Talanga, a town 50km outside of the city. They will be leaving at 4am and aim to finish in 16 hours.

The challenge is called “Camino Por Amor”, and is an event run by our partners at Street Kids Direct. There will be others in Honduras walking as well as people in Guatemala. Jimmy is getting involved as he wants to make a difference to the lives of the younger students in AFE. He knows that he has benefited beyond measure from his education at AFE and wants to pay forward the rich blessings he has received.

There are a few ways for you to get involved: 

1) The “Fit Bit Challenge” – Walk as many miles as you can in a week and donate the number of miles you walked in dollars. For example if you walk 20 miles, give $20. You could even say you’ll donate $10 per mile if you’d rather walk a shorter distance! 

2) Organize a team sponsored walk – Join Jimmy on the 12th August by getting a team together and between you walking 100km. So for example if there are 10 of you, walk 10km each, totaling 100. You can then be sponsored per km or a one off donation.

3) If walking isn’t your thing, then you can always just give something to encourage Jimmy and help transform the lives of vulnerable children. 

How to donate: 

1) Click on this link

2) Enter your information (this is a secure page

3) Enter the amount in the “Walking for the Children of AFE” section

4) Click continue and follow the rest of the instructions

Thank You For Your Support!