Our mission teams are such an integral part of AFE. Much of what we do would not be possible without the awareness that is created by our teams. We have been incredibly blessed as a ministry by so many wonderful people who have selflessly given of themselves and their resources in order to come and serve a people they do not even yet know. Whether it's through a church, school, or just a group of friends who want to serve together, there are opportunities for everybody to get in on what God is doing through the lives of these children.



Teams that are Activity Based spend the majority of their time with our students. These teams plan activities throughout that week that can include Bible Lessons, Crafts, Sports, Skits, etc. Whatever plans are made, each team will come prepared with their own activities.

Since our students only attend classes in the morning, these teams will also be responsible to provide a minimum of $100 per person to go towards some project that they will work on in the afternoons. These projects are decided by AFE Leadership.


With the demand to bring in more students and families, the need for our facilities to grow and improve are ever present. Much of our construction needs are met by our groups. Teams that decide to focus on construction will have the option to choose from a list of needs. The majority of projects include prices that can help teams decide on which one they can afford.

  In addition to assisting with projects on our campus, we also work to provide homes for our families. Over the years, we have built over 40 homes for our students which provide a piece of safety and security.


Although AFE has a clinic on campus, we still appreciated medical teams that desire to help spread the word. When a team of Doctors or Nurses come, this allows us the opportunity to go into the communities to increase the awareness about who we are and what we do. So many connections and relationships have been made because of medical teams.

Due to the nature of these trips, special arrangements will need to be made with our Clinic Coordinator. These trips take a great deal of planning and require a lot of communication with our staff beforehand.

Questions regarding a medical team should be sent to Hollie Macenczak.

Our desire is to create relationships with our mission teams. Many of our students have created lasting bonds with groups and always look forward to the time they share them. That means that we are willing to work with you to ensure the best trip possible. No two weeks are identical and we are open to your ideas and suggestions. The three options listed above are designed to help you consider the kind of trip you and your team would like to experience. We want to work alongside your team so that we can all experience mutual growth in our faith.

Download a copy of our Mission Team Packet.

Contact Chris Romero to reserve a week or if you have any questions.