Aquaponics combines two well-known ways to produce food: aquaculture (raising fish for food) and hydroponics (growing plants in water). Separately each has its own challenges, but together they balance out each other’s shortcomings. The fish produce ammonia that is converted to nitrite then nitrate—a usable plant nutrient—by beneficial bacteria. The ammonia-free water is then returned to the fish. Within this system, we are able to produce both fish and vegetables.

Our desire is to use Aquaponics as a means to feed our children a more balanced and nutritious meal. In addition, we are interested in the possibility in opening a commercial size system that will allow us to produce on a larger scale and provide a source of income for the ministry.

Our Aquaponics system was designed and constructed by Trash Mountain Project. In addition, they provide on site training and assistance when necessary. Check out this short video below that includes basic information about Aquaponics and the vision of Trash Mountain Project.

If you would like more information, or would like to get involved, please contact us.