In order to break the cycle of poverty, we are committed to meeting every need of the child. By doing so, we ensure that the child can experience a complete transformation.



The expectation for education in Honduras is extremely low.

Most of the adults in this community have not even acheived a sixth

grade education. The lack of training and skills makes it very difficult

for them to even dream of a life away from the dump. At AFE, we provide

education for all ages. In the mornings, we have school for kids

ranging from newborns through High School. We also provide

education for adults in the afternoons. In addition, we also

work to find scholarships for our graduates who desire to pursue

further education in college. 

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The church where Pastor Arturo serves has been, and continues to be, a great source of support of AFE. The church was officially founded in 2006 in a community called Linda Miller and is just a few kilometers away from AFE. Many of the teachers at AFE have come from this community. Each week, AFE pays for a bus to assist in transportation for our students and their families. It is always a blessing to see these two communities come together as one in worship. In addition, many families are involved in small-groups throughout the week. The staff at AFE also provides Monday morning devotions and Bible classes throughout the year as a part of it's curriculum. 


When we read the Gospel, we see that Jesus was very interested in

meeting people's physical needs. In fact, meeting these needs, often times

preceded his teaching and preaching. We desire those in this

community to think beyond the garbage dump and to

consider their future. However, the reality is that the future does not

matter if we cannot survive today. For that reason, we are committed to

their physical needs. At AFE, each student received breakfast and lunch.

Throughout the year, we provide provisions for our families as well. We also

help with clothing and shoes. In addition, we have a clinic on our campus

to meet the medical needs of the community. 

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To say these children come to us with emotional baggage would

be an understatement. Most of us cannot even imagine the kind of things

they must deal with on a daily basis. Their families are a mess. Their

communities are threatened by gangs. They live from day to day

thanking God for every breath he blesses them with. Many have to

shoulder a great deal of responsibility. Understanding these needs

are very important for the overall health of the child. We are

constantly looking for signs that might indicate issues ranging from abuse, 

both physical and emotional, to depression. AFE provides an environment

of love and acceptance so that these children can find security in their unsecure world. 


One of the greatest challenges facing AFE’s students is not the garbage

dump, but the families into which they were born. When the parents

or guardians catch AFE’s vision, the student is almost guaranteed success.

But when they do not, the children fight to forge a river against

a raging current. For many of our students, AFE is the only positive voice

in their life pushing them to continue forward in their studies. For this

reason, we do our very best to include the parents in the process and also

bless them along the way. Many AFE parents attend school in the afternoons.

Others volunteer in the kitchen and help serve lunch to our students.

Most receive health care from AFE’s clinic. Whatever their involvement,

AFE’s families know that AFE is a place where they can find community.

In addition, AFE has committed to building homes for our students and their

families. Through this process, our families receive a dignified house that provides

them the peace of mind in knowing that they have a place to call home.